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Adobe Flash Player for Apple iPod touch

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Adobe Flash Player 10 is the latest cross platform flash video plug-in for web browsers that can delivers breakthrough Web experiences to over 99% of Internet users. With the new Flash Action Script 3.0 language and Conponent Reference, you are able to Gain unprecedented creative control with new expressive features and visual performance improvements in Adobe Flash Player 10. The following will tell you how to install Adobe Flash Player for Apple iPod touch.

First download Adobe Flash Player 10

iPod touch does not allow you to install Adobe Flash Player, so you need to use a video converter to convert flash video to iPod playable format video(For mac video converter you can refer to this link). For iPod touch, it allows users to transfer or synchronise MP3, AAC etc. mode music to play and you can also play MOV, MP4 video with this portable player, but flash video .flv file is not supported by iPod touch directly. To install Adobe Flash Player plugin is impossible, either.

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You install Adobe Flash Player to Apple iPod touch Player from computer, it will remind you a "jailbreaking" messege. So far as now Adobe Flash Player 10 is not supported by any Apple products, because Apple and Adobe are still in commercial negotiation.

So playing flash video with your iPod touch, you are able to convert the flash video to MP4, QuickTime etc. iPod playable video, and then transfer converted flash video back to iPod touch via iTunes, and then you could play flash video with your iPod touch player.

These are steps about how to install Adobe Flash Player for Apple iPod touch. As a necessary plug-in for most of Internet users, Adobe Flash Player can make you view all kinds of flash video online and even you can use it on mobile device such as: BlackBerry, Nokia etc.